These terms of service (“these Terms” hereafter) apply to any relationship between users (“Users” hereafter) or registered users (“Registered Users” hereafter) of ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website (“the Site” hereafter) run by the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa (“the Institute” hereafter) and the Institute. By accessing and using the Site, users of the Site are assumed to agree to these Terms. The Institute may amend these Terms without any prior notice to Users. People who access and use the Site are deemed to agree with the updated version of these Terms.

1.Terms of service

  1. Users of the Site must agree to all of these Terms.
  2. The separately specified ‘site policy’, ‘privacy policy’and ‘copyright’ also form part of these Terms. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to all of the ‘site policy’, ‘privacy policy’and ‘copyright’ .

2.User registration

  1. In these Terms the Registered User is limited to the person who, after agreeing to these Terms, and registering as a user, has their registration approved by the Institute, or the person who has registered as a user, agrees to these Terms, and uses the other site run by the Institute, ‘Minna no Can-do’ website. In addition, in light of the laws of each country, if the Institute determines from, for example, the user’s age that there is a problem with the collection of personal information, some or all of the collected information may be deleted or registration may be refused.
    Those under the age of 16 must use the Site with consent of the person responsible for protection.
  2. Registration and usage are free.
  3. Registered Users will promptly make changes using the designated procedures when there is a change to their registered information.
  4. Registered Users shall notify the Institute in the designated manner when they withdraw from membership. In addition, if they withdraw from membership from the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website, they will no longer be able to log on to ‘Minna no Can-do’ website. It is not possible to withdraw from membership of or stop using only one.


  1. Users shall not engage in the following acts when using the Site.
    ①Behavior that infringes copyrights, trademark, other intellectual property rights, assets, portrait rights or privacy of third-parties or the Institute
    ②Falsely accuse third-parties or the Institute
    ③Send or write harmful computer programs
    ④Criminal acts
    ⑤Offend public order and morals
    ⑥Use this site for commercial purposes
    ⑦Acts related to politics and election activities
    ⑧Acts with the direct purpose of propagandizing religions or disseminating a particular doctrine, idea or policy
    ⑨Acts of registering false information
    ⑩In addition to the above, acts that prejudice the operation of the Site, acts that damage the trust of the Institute, and acts that apply to ① to ⑨ above that the Institute deems inappropriate.
  2. When a User damages the Institute by violating the above prohibitions, the Institution has the right to ask the User for compensation.

4.1Stopping usage and deleting registration

If any of the following items apply to a Registered User, the Institute will suspend his/her usage (including the deletion of anything written or posted on the Site), or delete his/her registration of the Site without notifying him/her in advance.

  1. If the Site is used illegally
  2. If any of these Terms are violated
  3. In addition to the above, if an act takes place that the Institute deems to be inappropriate


  1. The Institute makes every effort to ensure accuracy of site content, yet does not guarantee the information provided on the Site. The Institute bears no responsibility for any damage caused through use of the Site; Users bear responsibility for any use of the Site.
  2. The utmost care is given to security on the Site. However, this does not guarantee that the possibility of mistaken contents resulting from uncontrollable factors, such as falsification by a third party, is completely eliminated. The Institute does not bear responsibility for any damage to persons resulting from the use of the Site or not being able to use the Site.
  3. Site content and URL may be changed, added or deleted without advance notice. In addition, all or part of site services may be stopped due to system error or maintenance. The Institute bears no responsibility for any damage caused by such changes in content and service stoppage.
  4. For the convenience of Users, the Site offers content provided by third parties, links and other information, for which the Institute cannot bear responsibility, as well as translation by the Institute of these contents.
  5. In the event of any trouble between Users or between Users and a third party, it is to be resolved by the concerned parties
  6. Users shall set up and operate all devices, communication tools, softwares, etc., to connect and use the Site and the service properly at their own responsibility and expense. Users shall acknowledge and agree that packet communication fees, etc., may accrue to connect and use the Site. In addition, Users shall be responsible for paying all of their packet communication fees, etc.

6.Legal Standards and Court Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be subject to the laws of Japan. Any dispute between Users and the Institute relating to these Terms shall be submitted to the Saitama Summary Court or the Saitama District Court.


The Terms were revised on 31th May 2018, and will be implemented from 31th May 2018.