Welcome, Japanese-language teachers, to the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website!
This is a website for registered users that was started in May 2002 by The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa to help Japanese-language teachers around the world create suitable teaching materials for their students.

Teaching materials on the ‘Minnna no Kyozai’ website

You can create various teaching materials by using the resources on ‘Minnna no Kyozai’ website. Please feel free to use resources on the site to create teaching materials for different needs and situations.

How to find materials efficiently? ⇒ Search hints are found here


  • Classroom Activities

  • Photos

  • Explanations
  • Use it ‘As-Is’
    • Print it and use
      (task sheets, photos, pictures, etc.)
    • Show it on your PC
      (videos, photos, etc.)
  • Use it as a reference for lesson preparation
    • Grammar Explanations for Teachers
    • Teaching Methodology and Lesson Ideas
  • Combine, adapt and then use
    • Create task sheets (classroom activities, conversation, reading, writing)
    • Create homework
    • Create practice tests
    • Create grammar explanations
    • Create activity books
  • Forum
  • Share ideas with users
    • Contribute materials
      and ideas
    • Exchange ‘Useful!’, comments and reports
    • Share on SNS


In this section, which is dedicated to sharing, users from all over the world contribute teaching materials as well as ideas used in actual lessons. Through an exchange of comments, questions and answers, and impressions from using the materials, we aim to establish a user network. In addition, rankings show the number of times teaching materials have been accessed, as well as materials and ideas contributed by users, and votes as to their usefulness and the number of users who have registered them in Folder.

Comments and Impressions from Using the Material, ’Useful!’ and SNS

Each of the materials has the following feature that promote the porticipation and interaction of users.

  • Posts about ‘Comments and Impression from Using the Materials’

    You can send comments and impressions about actually using the materials, if you specifically write the following type of contents about your impressions from using the materials, other users will be able to refer to them:

    • ・What kind of activity with what kind of learners did you use the material for (country and region, type of educational organisation, Japanese language level, etc.)?
    • ・How many people were in the group or class?
    • ・How did you use the materials and with what kind of activities?
    • ・How were the materials? Were they easy to use? Was there anything that made them difficult to use?
    • ・How did learners respond to the materials?
    • ・Do you have any advice for the next person that uses the materials?

    When new ‘Comments and Impressions from Using the Materials’ are added, they appear on the top page of the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website.

  • ‘Useful!’ Button

    When you like materials, press the ‘Useful!’ button. The number of ‘Useful!’ will be displayed on the Forum ranking page.

  • Share through SNS

    You can share information about materials through SNS (Facebook and Twitter).
    ※The materials cannot be seen on SNS. They can be seen on the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website via a link.

My Page

Using My Page you can easily access materials and Can-dos, and use folders that match your goals and purposes. You can use My Page for collaborative work with other users as well.

It is also possible to use My Page to connect materials on the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website to Can-dos on the ‘Minna no Can-do’ website.

Teacher's Navigator

Methods for creating teaching materials on a PC, and useful websites for preparation are introduced.


The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa, an affiliated organization of The Japan Foundation, focuses on human resource development and teaching resource enhancement as two fundamental functions in its operations to support and promote Japanese-language education overseas. The ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website is operated as part of the teaching material enhancement project.

Facilitators, Sakura and Musashi

On the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website, two Japanese-language teachers, Sakura and Musashi, facilitate exchanges among users. Let’s introduce them.

  • Hello, everyone.
    My name is 
    さくら (Sakura).

    I've been to several countries to teach the Japanese language. I had the opportunity to work with many teachers from around the world, and it was very stimulating. In the past, I have participated in making a series of Japanese-language textbooks. Currently, I'm working at The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa in Saitama Prefecture.

    My name originates from Saitama's prefectural flower, ‘さくら草’ (Sakura-soh) or primrose. Primrose blossoms in the spring with a beautiful pink flower. Cute, isn't it? ※The primrose photo was kindly allowed to be taken from the website of Professor Shigenobu Aoki of Gunma University.

  • Hello!
    My name is
    むさし (Musashi)!

    Hello! My name is むさし (Musashi)! I started teaching Japanese language just a year ago, and every day I’m struggling with difficult questions my students ask, but I’m glad that the students are more positive about speaking Japanese in class than before. Also, I enjoy coming into contact with various cultures through Japanese-language education.

    The place I live, Saitama, was called Musashi no kuni during the Edo period. My name ‘Musashi’ seems to have come from that origin. And the famous Miyamoto Musashi happens to be one of my favorite characters too. As a professional myself, I'd like to work on developing my teaching skills. I'm looking forward to seeing your class activities, lesson plans and comments posted on the ‘Minna no Kyozai’ website.


In the first year of the site's development (fiscal 2001-2002), we had a great deal of help

Katsuaki Suzuki Professor, Faculty of Software and Information Science, Iwate Prefectural University
Jun Nakahara Research Associate,Creating Virtual Learning Communities Section,
Implementing Media Division, Research & Development Department, National Institute of Multimedia Education
Richard Harrison Professor, Japanese Education Media and Systems Laboratory, Education Center for International Students, Nagoya University
Yoshiaki Yanagisawa Chief, Second Division, Department of Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, The National Institute for Japanese Language